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Michael Freitas Wood


Michael Freitas Wood indicates in his statement that his paintings are the result of trying to compete with the visual stimuli of contemporary society.  He explores the difficult issue of competing with film and digital media by creating paintings that utilize intensely compact visual designs. 




“To make the paintings, I use texture paste mixed with acrylic pigments.  I apply the paste with a palette knife onto the surface of wood panels. To further enhance the visual impact, I use a variety of shapes including circles, diamonds, or 3 dimensional boxes.”




When asked about the responsibility of an artist to their audience, he indicated that he does have the viewer in mind, working to determine what will intrigue the viewer’s eye.  He looks back in art history and has an impression of the role of the artist as being akin to an informer, teacher, entertainer or spiritual leader.    Considering himself in the role of teacher and entertainer, his work is meant to amaze the visual senses, and in doing so raise questions about perception.   Finding the medium of painting static by comparison to today’s entertainment, he aims to breathe life into it by accomplishing the task of holding individual attention within a fast paced world.