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2012 Korean International Exchange Show

Reception February 5th, 2012

LA Artcore proudly announces the arrival of guest artists from South Korea, this year’s participants in a regular feature of our Exhibition Program. International Exchange shows provide a conduit of artistic development between the diverse communities of Los Angeles and the fellowship of artists abroad. This program allows groups of Los Angeles based artists to exhibit and work together with their peers in art centers and museums in another country, and in turn a group of artists is invited to our city to experience the culture, the camaraderie of local artists, and to show their work. The program is educational for everyone involved, giving the participating artists in particular an opportunity to experience differences in perspective and gain knowledge about the diversity of our world. While visiting us, the participants in this crosscurrent exchange will have a chance to explore a city that boasts nearly 200,000 Korean residents with their own thriving business center in Koreatown, and have a chance to interact with members of the dynamic arts community this culture contributes.

Dream Forest Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

This exchange will send 10 Los Angeles artists to display their work in Seoul, South Korea, at the Dream Forest Arts Center. LA Artcore will in turn receive and exhibit the artwork of nine visiting artists. We are enriched in Los Angeles, being able to enjoy the advantages that having ties throughout the Pacific region permits. Join us as we draw attention towards the exchange of ideas and friendship between our artists and cultures.

Nam Hee Lee uses the supple flexibility of thread to produce objects that represent wisdom. Her interest lies in demonstrating with the soft usefulness of weaving materials that there remains a light within the mechanical and authoritarian environment of modern society. Like the thread that led Theseus out of the Minotaur’s Labyrinth, she invites the viewer to ponder the simple flexibility of wisdom that can be found in life.

Moon Kyung Jung creates paintings and collages that, in her assessment, reveal her own ego on a “journey into the unknown.” She uses her work, which often contain elements referencing the open road, to discover her true inner person, a sense of the personal essence or force that is not apparent in daily life. Combined with a daily practice of a loving life, the artist uses her work to travel within her own being. 

Yong Sik Kwon is a widely exhibited artist that uses digital and mixed media to create an eclectic array of work. Some digital prints appear to rearrange fragments of night city scenes, while other works are dominated by the ambiguous relationships between everyday objects. 

Meen Jeong Kim works with a variety of found materials to create objects and oil paintings, using light marks and transparent colors to explore the qualities of the delicate. A significant area for her is mail art, using the symbol to explore personal history, memory, and a way to mark the journey and evidence of time’s emotional impact on our lives.

Man Soo Lee uses painting to identify a conditional space to operate within, like that of an enclosed yard, and then proceeds with the use of the brush to sweep, change, and invite elements as though they were guests in the home. The purposeful creation and change introduced provides the artist with a sense of release, both in terms of completion and a release from the daily desires that interfere with a desirable state of emptiness.

Paul Lee is a multi media artist. During the healing period following an injury he began drawing circles aimlessly to pass the time. He noticed they had an affinity to frog eggs or cell nuclei, and was drawn into this while at the same time found himself drawing them with increasing slowness. The slow, repetitive marks became meditative, and the drawings led him to contemplate the subjects of time and infinity.

Nam Jin Hwang produces sculptural objects that resonate with natural elements, such as recent work involving leaf forms constructed of reflective strips of metal. These works are photographed against the textural backdrop of various soils, producing a curious balance between artifice and the natural complexity of the ground beneath my feet.

Byung Chul Ahn creates highly polished sculptures that are drawn from the form and function of the seed. Interests drawn from the forms lead to contemplations of the transformation of life, the movement from the simple to the possible, and the circulation of the natural world. The philosophical inspiration derived from the dichotomy of simple forms arrived at through the extensive finishing practice of polishing metal fuels the artist’s creativity.

Ae Ja Lee is a fiber artist trying to overcome the expressional limitation of the materials, combining weaving and knitting with painting. The basic motif of her work is the “inner face of change,” seeking out hidden movements of light in the work. She seeks to capture some essence of the silent transition of shape, color, and texture objects reveal with the passage of time.



Reception: Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Exhibit on View February 2 - 16, 2012

LA Artcore Brewery Annex: 650A South Ave. 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031










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