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2012 Thailand International Exchange Show

Reception April 15th, 2012

As an integral part of LA Artcore’s mission, international exchange shows bring artists from different cultures into contact with each other for their own development and communication.  Artcore is sending eight Los Angeles area artists to Ching Mai, in northern Thailand; Gurdon Miller, Otto Younger, Menthe Wells, Joseph Piasentin, Ann Phong, Michael Wood, Beanie Kaman, James Finnegan and Ramone Muñoz will be accompanying Dr. Kamol Tassananchalee. 

In return, ten of the country’s best artists will travel to Los Angeles and bring an array of pieces to our gallery, including sculpture, painting, mixed media, prints and photography.

Asawinee Wanjing is a painter.  Her work draws inspiration from religious iconography and traditional painting techniques.  

Chaivut Ruamrudeekool produces vibrant nature-inspired paintings. 

Pakit Bunsut is a sculptor who creates conceptual installations and objects. 

Pongdej Chaiyakut is a printmaker who combines traditional material such as drypoint etching and themes with images of modern life. 

Soontorn Suwanhem combines media to create sculptural objects that explore the potentials of natural materials.

Thongchai Yukantapornpong creates stunning installations using printmaking methods that intersperse mark, pattern, shadow and light. 

Wattanachot Tungataja is an abstract painter whose work is clearly in step with contemporary Thai painting.  Flow and balance are represented as elemental in his use of color and line. 

Rongkakorn Anantasanta is an abstract painter.   Her soft palette is boundless, employing letters, objects and shapes to translate her visions to canvas.

Akamol Rojanajiranan produces delicate, aqueous works on paper that are at once abstract and clearly nature inspired. 

Pongsiri Kiddee produces vibrant prints and pastels that possess an ethereal quality, mainly focused on the subject of Thai culture.

For the 2011 exhchage show with Thailand, the Thai Art Council provided published catalogs, local Thai television interviews were conducted, a delicious sampling of Thai cuisine was served, and a traditional Muay Thai dance was performed by one of the exhibiting artists.


Reception: Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Exhibit on View April 15 - 29, 2012

LA Artcore Brewery Annex: 650A South Ave. 21, Los Angeles, CA 90031










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